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Vivian Berryhill Issues Challenge On National Healthcare

Colds, Flu… And What You Need To Do!

by NCPS Staff Stuffy heads, achy bones, fevers, chills, coughs and sneezing. Yes, cold and flu season will be upon us in no time. In spite of some of the best and most precautionary measures you can take, realistically many of us will experience “cold or flu-like” symptoms before the flu season is over. Children […]

Health Facts You Need to Know


Many debilitating, life-threatening diseases which include: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high-blood pressure and Acquired Immune Deficiency, disproportionately plague African American communities across this nation. Statistics show that nearly twice as many African American women in the U.S. die of heart disease and stroke each year as from all forms of cancer.  In 1998, coronary heart disease […]