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Comments on the movie “I’m In Love With A Church Girl


NCPS Hosts National “I’m In Love With A Church Girl” Premieres

The National Coalition of Pastors’ Spouses held screening/premieres across the nation in conjunction with “I’m In Love With A Church Girl” movie. Faith leaders in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL enjoyed exclusive viewings of this faith-focused film starring JaRule, Stephen Baldwin, and Adrienne Bailon.

NCPS President and Founder, Mrs. Vivian Berryhill, represented the organization by attending the movie’s World Premiere in California and walking the Red Carpet with the film’s stars.

According to Berryhill: “In this era, where people are becoming more exhausted and fed up with the over-the-top violence and senseless plots depicted on the big screen, it is so refreshing to see a positive and inspiring movie––especially a film featuring a predominantly African American cast.

“I’m In Love With A Church Girl” is one of those films that people of all ages, and from various social levels in life will relate to and talk about for years to come. This emotionally charged film has the uncanny ability to depict the challenges, triumphs, joys, sorrows, ups and downs that many of today’s
youth are experiencing––but aren’t quite sure how to work their way through their struggles to a successful end.

“I’m In Love With A Church Girl” is a modern day love-story that is sure to help the young as well as the old, connect the dots in their own minds so they can “become” their better selves on so many different levels. Faith leaders hope to use this movie to begin a national conversation on how to and what it takes to build healthy marriages”!

More Photos from “I’m In Love With A Church Girl” Premieres

“I’m In Love With A Church Girl”......

Huggies/NCPS Host Successful Diaper Drives

One in three American moms is struggling to provide diapers for her babies. Far too many are stressing each day because they lack the ability to provide their babies with clean, dry diapers.These moms have had to cut back on food, utilities or other necessities to buy diapers. Some have to leave diapers on their babies for one to two days. Or worse yet, dry these diapers in the sun and reuse these unsanitary diapers on their babies.

In an effort to help meet this growing crisis, the National Coalition of Pastors’ Spouses has stepped up to meet this challenge across the nation. Soliciting support from parishioners and church members, pastors’ spouses have been busy collecting and distributing diapers to moms in need during the holiday season.

Having collected more than 3,000 packages of diapers in three weeks via their faith-based organizations, pastors’ spouses distributed these diapers in Christmas baskets to local day care centers and hospitals.On Dec. 20, 2011, more than 1,800 newborn diapers that were collected through Memphis-area churches, were given to the Women’s Hospital at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis, and distributed to new moms delivering babies at The Regional Medical Center at Memphis (The Med) during the holiday season.

According to Fannie Marlow Coleman, first lady of Refreshing Springs COGIC, the organizer and leader of the 2011 Tennessee “Hug-a-baby” diaper drive, “We are so appreciative of the various churches and pastors’ spouses who have heard the clarion cry and have responded to meet this critical diaper need in the Memphis community. In this struggling economy, so many young mothers often have to make decisions on whether to keep their utilities on … or buy baby diapers. So we reached out to pastors’ wives, such as Louise Patterson, president of Bountiful Blessings Inc. and widow of the late Bishop G.E. Patterson, who have come together to make generous donations to this effort.”

The clergy wives this year have already topped last year’s goal, says NCPS president and founder, Vivian Berryhill. To date, NCPS has collected more than 360,000 diapers nationwide, and the number continues to grow.

Photo: (L to R: Paula Lingeman, director of the Women’s Hospital at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis; Fannie Marlow Coleman, first lady of Refreshing Springs COGIC Memphis, TN; Vivian Berryhill, President/founder, NCPS)

Tyler Perry Teams Up With NCPS For Good Deeds

The National Coalition of Pastors’ Spouses (NCPS) recently joined with Mr. Tyler Perry’s 34th Street Films, Lionsgate Productions, and Different Drummer as national partners in support of the Covenant House Good Deeds: Great Needs Gift Card giver project.This Gift Card initiative was launched by Perry to coincide with his newly released film entitled, “Good Deeds”, a moving, uplifting romantic drama about relationships and the defining choices we make in our lives. Perry is the lead star in “Good Deeds” as well as the writer, producer and director.

The Gift Card Giver project offers movie-goers an opportunity to donate their unused gift cards to Gift Card Giver and help spread the message of Good Deeds: Great Needs.Gift Card Givers will submit all donated gift card funds to the Atlanta-based Covenant House, a 501 ©3 nonprofit that provides hearty meals, warm beds and safe shelter to homeless youth. In support of the initiative, Lionsgate has agreed to make a financial donation in support of Covenant House.

NCPS applauds Mr. Perry and Lionsgate for using this platform to do something notable, worthwhile and life-changing for the nation’s homeless youth, and also for offering an opportunity to share –at the grassroots level– to the institutions whose fundamental foundation is built on “giving”: churches, temples, and faith organizations. NCPS urges all of our pastors’ spouses and other faith leaders across this nation to join in this effort to help make this Gift Card Giver project a win-win for everyone.

Join us in making a difference in our world, one good deed at a time.

1st Annual National Kidney Sunday: March 25th

The National Coalition of Pastors’ Spouses (NCPS) has partnered with the National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), American Diabetes Association and Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc. to conduct the inaugural nationwide Kidney Sundays event on March 25, 2012 to recognize National Kidney Month.Through its network of community educators and volunteers in the African-American community, the partners are urging churches to conduct kidney health education sessions. Registered nurses from Chi Eta Phi will conduct blood pressure screenings at many of the churches.

Kidney Sundays helps teach people with kidney disease risk factors how to take steps that may prevent kidney failure. Throughout the month of March, NCPS members will engage their congregations to learn about kidney health. And, on March 25th American Diabetes Association representatives will work with church health ministries to share NKDEP educational materials. Churches will use the information in NKDEP’s Kidney Sundays Toolkit to talk with their congregants.

In addition, on March 27, congregations will recognize American Diabetes Association Alert Day®, which is a one day “wake-up” call to find those at risk for developing type 2 diabetes by asking them to take the Diabetes Risk Test and, if they are at high risk, to speak with their health care provider-fully making the connection diabetes has to kidney disease.Increasingly, people are turning to places of worship to get accurate, useful information about issues that uniquely affect African Americans. Kidney health is one of those issues because kidney failure affects African Americans more than other groups.

Efforts such as Kidney Sundays are a great start to help pastors’ spouses get the conversations started. This faith-focused kidney awareness campaign gives churches an opportunity to post on church bulletin boards, to disseminate via church bulletins, and to preach from the pulpit about information in a forum where we know people trust us and will pay attention.

NCPS leveraged this partnership by participating in the 2012 National Exclesisa Showcase, hosted by Ms. Esther Wooten of Jackson, MS and Mr. Harvey Watkins of the Canton (MS) Spirituals.  Our NCPS Volunteers conducted health screenings and distributed valuable information on kidney disease and Kidney Sunday 2012 to participants from all over the United States who attended the conference.

Cities and metropolitan areas participating in the national Kidney Sundays effort are: Baltimore; Charlotte; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Dallas; Hampton Roads, Va.; Houston; Indianapolis; Memphis; Philadelphia; Raleigh/Durham; St. Louis; Los Angeles; and the Washington, DC metro area.Photo: Hats off to Mississippi youth who helped kick-off Kidney Month during recent NCPS Health Screening at Whispering Woods Conference Center in north Mississippi.

Stay Trim and Healthy While Celebrating The Holidays

Healthy eating

It’s that time of year. Yes, holiday parties and family gatherings where food and drink will be plenteous are once again upon us. Unfortunately, the temptation to overindulge in holiday cheer can be a challenge for even the most disciplined eater.

Most of us will abandon our diet and exercise regimen beginning in mid-November for Thanksgiving, and will carry through to the first week of February’s Super Bowl Parties. So, how do you maintain your weight and heart-health during this time? Here are a few tips:

1. Eat on a smaller plate. In the olden days, it was expected that every morsel on the plate had to be eaten, as times were lean and wasting food was not acceptable. If eating all the food on your plate is still a practice you feel strongly about continuing, by all means do so. But be practical and eat on a smaller plate. And remember: Don’t pile your plate so full whereby sideboards are needed to prevent overflow.

2. Learn and use these two words boldly: “No Thanks”. If you have stuffed yourself to capacity, and realistically cannot stomach another bite, it’s okay to decline seconds or just say “No Thanks” to that tempting dessert which may contribute to additional unwanted pounds.

3. MOVE. A recent study’s findings revealed that the U.S. African American population has the largest % of adults who do not exercise! [2008] Falling asleep after that big holiday meal does not burn calories. Get off the couch and get to walking, running, stepping, dancing, jumping rope: MOVE!

4. Watch what you drink. During this holiday season, limit your alcohol intake. Drink water or calorie-free beverages with meals. Drink high-fat eggnog sparingly. Lay off the sodas and encourage children and teens to do likewise. If you must have sweet ice-tea or Kool-aid, please sweeten with anything but white sugar.

You will enjoy a much healthier life if you learn to Eat to Live, and not Live to Eat. Happy Holidays!

Huggies and NCPS Continues Diaper Awareness Drive

Huggies - "every little bottom"

Huggies® Every Little Bottom Continues to Drive Awareness of Diaper Need Across North America

To kick off the holiday season and the launch of the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) – the first national nonprofit dedicated to helping raise awareness of diaper need, build capacity of diaper banks and close the diaper gap in America – Huggies Every Little Bottom organized “12 Days of Thanks,” a cross-country tour where the brand donated 12 million diapers in 12 cities over a 12-day period.

Throughout the month of November, Huggies and the NDBN traveled to New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Detroit and Columbus, donating one million diapers to each city.

Since 2010, Huggies has donated 22.5 million diapers per year through the Every Little Bottom program to families in need in North America. As the founding sponsor of the NDBN, Huggies Every Little Bottom will continue this diaper donation commitment as the program aims to donate at least 20 million diapers per year to the organization.

“Diapers are a basic need for children, yet many families struggle to afford them and have few resources from which to seek help,” said Joanne Goldblum, executive director of the National Diaper Bank Network. “Our national organization is dedicated to providing every child in America with the diapers they need to remain clean, dry and healthy.”

The need for diapers is growing as joblessness and the weak economy continues to impact families’ abilities to buy supplies for their babies. In a 2010 survey, 34 percent of respondents had cut back on food, utilities or child care to buy diapers. Most child care facilities require a day’s worth of disposable diapers and when parents run out of diapers, they are forced to withdraw their child from child care.

In a report by Adams and Rohacek, instability in childcare arrangements has been linked to a range of negative outcomes in children, including problems with relationship attachment, social competence, behavior, cognitive ability, language development, school adjustment and overall well-being.

“Our vision is to help America become a place where every family has access to the diapers they need for their child,” says Aric Melzl, Brand Director at Kimberly-Clark and NDBN board member. “The National Diaper Bank Network will holistically address diaper need by strengthening diaper distribution resources and channels.”

[Hats off to Preston Johnson, Cyndee Davis, ACE-Up and their team in Jackson, MS for a successful diaper collection drive held December 4th.  Diaper donations are still coming in!!!]

Pfizer And NCPS Offer “Helpful Answers” In These Uncertain Times

by NCPS Staff

Most of us know a friend, family member or neighbor who is struggling to make ends meet during these tough economic times. With the decline in available jobs and increased lay-offs, Americans are losing access to critical health care. Health insurance can be a major factor in a patient’s decision to seek care. We know that uninsured and underinsured patients are likely to avoid health treatment because of cost. Read more »